Vinilyze Eyewear

A unique brand for over 20 years, Vinilyze glasses are for those that desire eyewear with a story behind it.

Vinilyze eyewear is a revolution in the optical world, each frame is a piece of art in its own right! By remodelling old vinyl records into beautiful statement pieces that not only look amazing but also help your vision, each meticulously hand-crafted and beautifully finished.

Vinilyze is a glasses brand with a conscience. The concept of utilising vinyl records that are no longer sold since the demise of the vinyl industry in the 1990’s, not only creates incredibly unique glasses designs, it also prevents vinyl from ending up in landfill to help recycle, repurpose and reuse material.

If you love music and want to show the world, look no further than the Vinilyze eyewear collection.

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