Starck Eyewear

Technical Brilliance

Design extraordinaire Phillipe Starck collaborated with his Parisian friend and contemporary Alain Mikli to create this awe-inspiring range of spectacle frames. Starck's iconoclastic designs and Mikli’s desire to forge both the exceptional and the shocking deliver a timeless collection of functionally beautiful frames.

These pieces have a unique hinge, developed around the design of the human shoulder, allowing movement across vertical and horizontal planes.

Not wishing to compromise on the final product the materials used to bring the designs on paper to life are of course the most suited for the job. Titanium, carbon fibre and Mazzucchelli zylonite ‘zyl’ acetate were chosen for their lightness, strength and the green aspect of zyl acetate which is produced entirely from natural sources, namely pure cotton powder.

Always wanting to keep a close eye on the proceedings Starck frames are handmade in France and Italy. Starck is for the discerning astute individual who can see the subtle, sophisticated attention to detail. Starck’s signature simple yet distinctive, classic yet original, fresh eye for what is important in a pair of spectacle frames.

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