Res/Rei Eyewear

Internationally renowned for uncompromised quality and design, RES/REI have a deep pride in all they do.

Handcrafted in Italy by artisan craftsmen, RES/REI create frames that are made to last.

Unique Eyewear

You only need to see a RES/REI frame to know that everything they do is to accentuate individuality. There is nothing high-street about RES/REI, at Eye Academy we pride ourselves in sourcing the most innovative and stylish eyewear brands out there, which is why we are so pleased to be able to bring RES/REI to our collection.

Sustainable Glasses

RES/REI also care deeply about their brands impact on the environment. To hand craft an item in an industry where wanting things fast-fashion eyewear. To go a step further to help the environment, RES/REI also plant a tree for every 1000 frames made.

Italian Design

Their unique use of pattern and colour inspired by art, nature and Italian culture are truly what make their frames as unique and individualistic as their wearer. After all, just because something like spectacles are functional for your vision, does not mean they cannot be an extension of your unique style.

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