Oliver Peoples Sunglasses and Glasses

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses and Glasses

Founded in the heart of Los Angeles in 1987, the creators of Oliver Peoples eyewear found their muse in a collection of vintage eyewear purchased in the late 1980s. And to this day, Oliver Peoples glasses continue to be influenced by these nostalgic design aesthetics as well as fashion, film, art and music.

Why Oliver Peoples

From the beginning, Oliver Peoples eyewear has never relied on a logo to gain a following. They believe their passion for quality, their distinctive Californian culture and the use of an enviously simple, yet sophisticated array of tortoiseshell hues, keep people wearing their iconic glasses and sunglasses... and they are right.

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses and Glasses for Men and Women

Oliver Peoples glasses and sunglasses embrace a sophisticated yet preppy style that is designed with their Californian culture at their heart. Each frame is handmade using a technique that combines high-quality materials, technological advancements and human expertise. The frames are then finished with subtle, vintage detailing that creates a timeless, easy-to-wear pair of glasses.

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