Mr Leight Eyewear

As a philosophy, Mr. Leight is all about utilising skills and paying homage to the past, while pushing to the future to innovate the way eyewear is done.

Family Business

Created by father and son eyewear masters Larry (founder of Oliver Peoples) and Garrett Leight (founder of Garrett Leight California), the Mr. Leight brand is the perfect amalgamation of the pairs wealth of experience and mastery of luxury to create frames with their own original style.

Timeless Design

Combining generations worth of experience in design and craft, Mr. Leight strives to create contemporary eyewear using techniques passed down through time. Utilising their wealth of knowledge, Larry and Garrett have created designs that reflect their bond of family and connection to the eyewear industry over the years, harmonised to create frames that look elegant and chic.

Expertly Crafted Glasses

Here at Eye Academy, we are not only taken by the way Mr. Leight frames look, but their immense attention to detail and precision craftsmanship. The constant push-and-pull of the old and new ways of eyewear are evident in their designs, and in fact truly are what make them unique and beautiful.

Each frame is hand crafted to perfection, and we are not just saying that! Using the same masters that Larry Leight has worked with for decades has allowed the Mr. Leight brand to remain traditional whilst pushing forward with technical engineering. It is largely because of this that Mr. Leight frames are created to remain stylish and practical for a lifetime.

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