Maui Jim Sunglasses

Inspired by the beauty of Maui, Maui Jim sunglasses feature complex lens technology that enhances colour, clarity and detail.

From humble beginnings of selling sunglasses on the beach, Maui Jim saw the need for technology to combat intense glare and harmful UV rays without dulling the colours of island life. This was when the revolutionary PoalrisedPlus2® lens was born.

This incredible lens features seven layers of polarisation and is available in four patented tints and gradients that have been specially developed for different conditions.

• Neutral Grey – The darkest Maui Jim lens, designed for bright, direct sunlight and provides the most sun protection.

• Maui Rose – The second darkest lens and is ideal for fast action sports and can be worn in all sunlight conditions.

• HCL Bronze – Like the Maui Rose lens, the HCL Bronze can be worn in any sunlight and is perfect for driving and enhances colours.

• Maui HT – This lens offers the greatest contrast and is perfect for outside activities, around wildlife

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