LINDBERG Precious Glasses

Distinctive, Unique Luxury Glasses

The elegant and refined eyewear of LINDBERG Precious is part of the most prestigious and exclusive collections around the world and a firm favourite here at Eye Academy. LINDBERG's minimalist and lightweight design lends itself perfectly to creating incredible glasses from precious metals that not only amazes but tell a story.

Gold and Platinum Glasses

LINDBERG's captivatingly stunning frames are handcrafted from 18 –carat solid yellow, white and red gold, platinum and precious natural horn. These astounding eyewear creations can then adorned with diamonds creating the epitome of luxury.

Precious Metal Glasses

LINDBERG only use the finest of precious materials. They have exclusive rights to gold from the NULUNAQ Gold mine in Greenland, one of the smallest, most exclusive mines in the world. For their diamonds, they use the highest quality of Top Wesselton VVS diamonds, renowned for their beautiful clarity and colour, you can pick from dazzling cut diamonds or unique pink, black and raw uncut diamonds to suit your desire.

Horn Rimmed Glasses

For their horn collection, crafted from natural water buffalo horn, each frame boasts unique variations in depth of colour, nuance and naturally occurring patterns that are impossible to replicate. For that added touch of luxury LINDBERG compliment the beauty of horn with inlays of gold and platinum to ensure impeccable craftsmanship and quality can be seen at all angles.

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