Lacoste Eyewear

If you think that sports and elegance cant go together, Lacoste glasses will make you think again. As a brand that was established under a bet, Lacoste is an iconic brand that spans decades.

A must-have for athletes and sports enthusiasts, the Lacoste prescription glasses collections were made for people who have an active lifestyle. The Lacoste men and women's glasses collections have an array of choices that are bold, vibrant and comfortable.

Lacoste prescription glasses are original and eccentric, yet perfect for everyday use. Whilst most of the collection is dedicated to bold styles, there is also an alternative on offer within the Lacoste glasses collection. Metal options give wearers more versatility and offer the ability to dress their look up or down with ease.

Lacoste glasses include a varied collection of styles utilising the most qualitative, responsible and ethical ways of manufacturing. Containing both contemporary and original designs, the signature Lacoste alligator logo can be seen throughout the collection.

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