Garrett Leight Eyewear

Californian by design, Garrett Leight California is the perfect harmony of laid-back style and ageless design.

California Style

Founded in 2010 by son of Oliver Peoples creator Larry Leight, Garrett Leight has had luxury design and expert craftmanship in its DNA from inception. By their own admission, the inspirations for many of their frames are drawn from classic Hollywood, and the culture which surrounds their California base. Using this melting pot of ideas to pull from, Garrett Leight California offers something unique to its customer – trendless and timeless style that will never go out of fashion.

High Quality Glasses

We have been obsessed with Garrett Leight for a long time, due not only to their incredible designs, but also their meticulous quality. For their frames, Garrett Leight constantly sources the best quality materials from across the globe to ensure that every frame does not only look striking, they are also practical and comfortable for their owner.

For anyone that desires an aesthetic that radiates a cool, chic energy – there is no better brand. Garrett Leight continues to push to the future whilst acknowledging its past to create designs that are easy to wear and look great on anyone.

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