Flexon Metal Glasses

Flexon metal glasses use a revolutionary memory metal titanium that allows your glasses to bend, twist and stretch and return to their original uncomplicated, timeless shape.

Flexon Glasses for Men & Women

Flexon is the innovator of bendable eyewear and since 1988 has been the most trusted name in flexible metal glasses frames for men and women. Flexon is a revolutionary titanium composite material that changed the world of eyewear. The unique flexibility of the material results in bendable glasses that are lighter, stronger, and more comfortable than other metal-rimmed frames. Even after accidental bending, Flexon glasses return to their original shape—making them the most durable metal glasses available.

Flexible Memory Metal Glasses

Flexon's flexible titanium frames are lighter and more comfortable than other metal frames, with sleek styling and sophisticated designs to suit a variety of tastes. These durable glasses stand up to active lifestyles and resist the bending that results from everyday activities. Rough use is no match for sturdy Flexon glasses that 'remember' their original shape and return to it, even if they've been dropped, twisted, or crushed.

Uncomplicated, fuss-free durable glasses Sensible frames in a variety of colours allow a bit of personality to shine, without being over the top. Choose from simple feminine and masculine styles—from classic frames that boast simple lines, to refined styling that suits any tastes.

Flexon's precise engineering and attention to detail ensure your glasses are built for function and performance, in tasteful, clean styles.

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