Feb31st Wooden Glasses

Here at Eye Academy, we are continually striving to solve that old adage of finding something a little bit different, something you can put your own stamp on. That you can make unique to you. And Feb 31st eyewear is just that.

Sustainable, Wooden Glasses

Each Feb31st frame is handcrafted from 13 layers of certified FSC ecologically harvested woods, including bolivar and kauri. This and the ability to laser engrave your frames, allows you to completely personalise your very own pair of wooden glasses.

Colourful, Sustainable Eyewear

FEB31st has achieved something few have with wooden glasses, the combination of the naturalness of the wood and the energy of colour gives you wooden eyewear that’s raw and unlike anything else.

These frames have bloomed in the spring, dropped their leaves in the autumn and survived the harsh winter. You feel that when you hold them. And FEB31st has brought them back to life with their fabulous array of colours from the spring tones of Primavera Green to the wintery hues of Blu Mezzanotte.

Luxury Wooden Eyewear

Weighing just 21g these Italian designed and made wooden glasses are perfect for everybody out there looking for beautifully styled, lightweight and thoughtfully designed eyewear that can be customised to be as original and unique as their owner.




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