Face à Face Glasses

Have you discovered Face à Face glasses yet? No? Well since 1995, Face à Face glasses have been adoring the faces of both men and women who desire beautifully made, high-quality eyewear.

Designed to demand attention, Face à Face glasses are genuinely one of our favourite eyewear collections ever. Crafted from the highest-quality materials with designs inspired by fashion, architecture and nature, Face à Face glasses are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a new bold and colourful look.

Face à Face Alium Glasses

In 2014, Face à Face launched the bold, men’s only collection: ALIUM. While Face à Face glasses are usually known for playful and feminine frame designs, ALIUM champions purity and clean lines. !As the brand name suggests, the majority of the Face à Face ALIUM collection is hand-crafted from aluminium, and each pair of glasses boasting patented flexible hinges as well as a special surface coating that lends a soft and warm touch to the frames.

The collection takes its inspiration from tech design and exquisite architecture, creating a purist, design-driven and ever so masculine aesthetic. In other words, 100% ALIUM.

Face à Face Bocca Glasses

Filled with seductive designs and iconic colours, the Face à Face Bocca has another fun twist. The end of each temple is shaped like a stiletto, a stocking or a boot, making Face à Face Bocca glasses are the perfect choice for those of you with a twinkle in your eye, and who want to add a little extra style, charm and humour to your day.


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