Eyevan Eyewear

Founded in Japan in 1972, the idea to have eyewear not only be practical but also a fashion accessory was born. Eyevan creates eyewear that is comfortable, simplistic and striking.

Hand-Crafted Glasses

Coming from a place where eyewear is a craft passed down through generations, Eyevan rightfully takes immense pride in its pieces. Drawing creatively from all areas of design from telescopes to architecture, to create functional and stylish frames.

Japanese Eyewear

Eyevan is a melting pot of strict Japanese tradition and its constant push to utilise modern technologies. Using an age-old process of creation, combined with the latest machinery chosen and mastered by their craftsmen, re-invention is deeply rooted within the Eyevan brand.

The Future of Glasses

For us here at Eye Academy, Eyevan is a unique glimmer of what is to come to the eyewear industry. In a world where fashion is becoming more disposable than ever, Eyevan chooses to ignore everyone else and keep in its own lane. With the original idea that eyewear should not just be there to correct vision, but as a means of self-expression and style, Eyevan look through a different lens than fast-fashion and create frames that are built to last.

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