DITA Sunglasses and Glasses

The DITA sunglasses and glasses collection provides a reprieve from a mechanised world where grace, beauty and craftsmanship are increasingly considered antiquated concepts.

Here at Eye Academy when it comes to our frames, we’ve been somewhat taken by the high quality and aesthetic of a company called DITA. For those in-the-know, these are some seriously covetable glasses. Haven’t heard of DITA eyewear? Well, that’s about to change.

The Los Angeles based company was founded by lifelong friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, formed as a way to pay homage to the classic eyewear styles of the ’50s through to the ’80s. DITA sunglasses and glasses are handmade in Japan, with each frame taking as many as 320 separate production steps over eight months. DITA’s frames are made using only the most beautiful Japanese ‘Zyl’ Acetate.

A perfect example of DITA’s uncompromising production philosophy is evident in the way they polish their acetate frames. They are then slowly tumbled in hand-cut bamboo chips. In addition to using a renewable resource, their traditional bamboo polishing process results in a deeper, more luxurious and higher quality finish that you’ll immediately see and feel the moment you hold DITA sunglasses in your hands.

Luxury is a word so overused in recent years as to have been rendered virtually meaningless. DITA eywear is one of the few remaining brands that delivers on genuine luxury’s promise of inspired designs, extraordinary materials and exceptional craftsmanship. To experience DITA is to experience pure luxury.

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