Cocoa Mint Eyewear

Designed and developed in the UK, Cocoa Mint eyewear is for those that want a runway feel from their eyewear. With frames that cross the borders of age for sophisticated women from all walks of life, the Cocoa Mint eyewear collection blurs the line between retro-chic and ultra-cool fashion.

Described as ‘an iconically British and effortlessly stylish brand’, Cocoa Mint glasses are made with comfort and style equally thought through for every frame. Each pair of glasses from the collection is designed to be a go-with-everything piece, allowing no need to change your frames depending on your outfit!

Many frames from the Cocoa Mint eyewear collection are inspired by vintage designs that are then combined with fresh and colourful acetates with metals, to give a modern twist. Additionally, aside from spectacles, Cocoa Mint also make some of the most stylish sunglasses available! Focusing on colour and light, the collection plays with modern colour palettes to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

If you want to add to your eyewear wardrobe, a pair of Cocoa Mint frames are a must-have!

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