Chopard Sunglasses & Glasses

The epitome of high-end fashion and luxury, for both ladies and gentleman, Chopard glasses are celebrated worldwide for their elegance and refinement.

Founded in 1860, appealing to the wealthy and cosmopolitan, Chopard quickly became renowned for their precision and reliability in watchmaking. Fast-forward 150 years Chopard has become a global leader in fine jewellery and watches and have now applied this exquisite craftsmanship to their Chopard eyewear collection.

With sophisticated opulence and classic shapes, Chopard glasses and sunglasses are made to the highest quality with a touch of the distinctive, Swiss styling they have become known for.

Encompassing an exclusive composition of creativity, excellence, heritage and respect that open a world of unparalleled glamour and craftsmanship, where originality and technical mastery are pushed to their ultimate limits.

Chopard Men's Glasses Collection

Class, quality and a touch of sporty elegance are the distinguishing features of the Chopard Men's Collection. Styles feature a timeless design and use precious materials such as titanium and real buffalo horn.

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