Cartier Glasses and Sunglasses

Globally renowned for their stunning collections of Jewellery, watches and accessories, Cartier is synonymous with opulent luxury. Founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris, the Cartier name is steeped in fashionable history. This mixed with their unrivalled expertise and craftsmanship has catapulted Cartier into the forefront of high-end accessories.

Cartier's artisan craftsmanship has been applied to eyewear for well over 30 years making Cartier Eyewear a leader in the eyewear world. The vision and refinement that has been present In every Cartier creation since the beginning is now at the forefront of their eyewear collections. Cartier creations, marked by creativity, audacity and excellence are inspired by Cartier’s distinctive codes which make the Cartier style unique.

Cartier Eyewear is made from a wide variety of materials, including common metals (titanium, steel), solid gold and materials of exception such as Bubinga wood, Buffalo horn, leather, carbon and Onyx.

Cartier not only excels in producing glasses, but they also have an exciting selection of sunglasses which reflect the style and glamour of the brand. Cartier's exquisite sunglasses are marked by creativity, audacity and excellence.  These impeccable sunglasses are inspired by Cartier’s distinctive codes which make the Cartier style unique.

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