Anne et Valentin Eyewear

Born from the wild dream of two opticians from Toulouse, France, Anne et Valentin is an eyewear brand for those that want to stand out.

Founded at a time when glasses were made for sight, not style, Anne et Valentin became eyewear pioneers by forming a boutique brand born from a passion for unique eyewear. It was their passion to give the customer what they wanted, rather than what they were offered, that revolutionised the way we now look for a new pair of glasses.

Anne et Valentin eyewear is far from a one-frame-fits-all approach, they focus on having a collection of glasses frames that cater for the individual personalities and lifestyles of each person that wears them. Each pair of frames is original, colourful and full of personality. Using all the colours they have at their fingertips, Anne et Valentin glasses dress up your eyes and dares to mix materials in unprecedented structures.

Anne et Valentin make eyewear that makes heads turn. Each frame is created with the goal that your glasses are an extension of your personality and are practical for your day-to-day.

If you love glasses that make you stand out from the crowd, then look no further!

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