SeeMax Ultimate Varifocal Lenses

If you are looking for a new style of varifocal lenses for your glasses, look no further than SeeMax Ultimate. SeeMax Ultimate is Nikon’s most advanced progressive lenses – bespoke to each wearer with all-new vision insights and SeeMax technology.

Recommended for those seeking the ultimate optical performance to make their visual experience even more powerful and personal. Offering the highest level of visual performance and aesthetic, SeeMax Ultimate are the perfect lenses for Astigmatic patients.

Many conventional varifocal lenses offer only one single design concept for everything, but our eyes are not all the same! With Nikon SeeMax Ultimate lenses, there are 428,793,740 unique design possibilities to guarantee that your lenses suit your unique vision perfectly.

Additional to this, SeeMax Ultimate lenses also consider the frame shape and how the frame fits on your face. Allowing the viewing area to be optimised to where you need it most and offer sharper vision across the entire lens.

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