MyStyle V+ Varifocal Lenses

Every eye is as unique as a fingerprint, and because of this, your vision should be treated as unique. Hoya Mystyle V+ is tailored to your eyes just how bespoke clothing is tailored for your body.

Hoya MyStyle V+ varifocal lenses allow you to enjoy effortless focusing across different distances and easy adaptation. Your power, lifestyle and past wearing experiences are all taken into account and analysed to allow the optimum depth of perception and optimised visual clarity.

MyStyle V+ is the first lens of its kind to balance different prescriptions for each eye. Utilising Binocular Harmonisation Technology, the prescription for each eye is considered as an individual design component. The technology calculates the optimal binocular lens design ensuring the correction is appropriate at each point of the lens, precisely according to the needs of each eye.

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