Nikon Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Nikon SeeCoat Blue Premium UV

Nowadays, we spend more time using a wide variety of digital devices to work, learn and be entertained. Recent digital screens are often equipped with powerful light sources, such as LED. These digital screens emit intense blue light and can cause eye strain after long exposure. SeeCoat Blue Premium UV from Nikon provides a solution to such stressful conditions.


Nikon SeeCoat Blue Premium UV Coating help neutralises the blue light emitted by LCD and LED screens preventing eye fatigue and eye strain and even sleeplessness. It keeps the eyes in better condition, offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and a better contrast perception when using everyday digital devices.


The Benefits of Nikon SeeCoat Blue Premium UV Coating

  • Enhanced contrast when looking at digital screens
  • Filters out blue light
  • High Contrast - Cuts blue light and optimises contrast
  • Scratch Resistant - 2 times more scratch-resistant, and longer lens durability
  • Dust-Free - Avoids dust accumulation on the lens, reducing the frequency of lens cleaning
  • Smudge resistant - Easier to clean and keep clean

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