Lunor Eyewear

Inspired by their surroundings of the Northern Black Forest, Lunor eyewear is a brand like no other. With over 30 years of experience, the Lunor brand creates high-quality glasses in a classic vintage design, handmade in Germany.

Vintage Designer Glasses

The ethos that trends come and go, but quality lasts, is evident when wearing a pair of Lunor glasses frames.

Founded in 1991, Lunor was created with one aim: to balance vintage, classic design with modern style. Each pair of Lunor glasses have timeless designs that resemble antique glasses, predominantly round, oval and square-shaped.

Engineered, Quality Eyewear

Uncompromising commitment to master craftsmanship and quality is engrained in Lunor eyewear’s DNA. Every frame goes through a rigorous design process, sometimes taking years to perfect. So that each Lunor frame excels in terms of functionality, design and comfort.

Each pair of Lunor frames is unique, from design to material. Inspired by classically designed glasses of the past, Lunor eyewear continues to push into the future with its use of technology and meticulous quality checking. The process of creating a pair of Lunor frames harmonises the use of cutting-edge technologies to create glasses no human can achieve, paired with the decisive touch of traditional glasses makers that no machine can ever replicate.

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