Hopefully, we’re not bursting anyone’s bubble here, but it seems that whichever candidate wins the Presidential election on 8th November, they’re in no danger of becoming a style icon anytime soon...

However, that has not always been the case. Need we mention JFK and first lady Jackie, possibly the most stylish inhabitants of the White House to date? And the present incumbents aren’t too dowdy either, but the question is, whose sunglasses do they wear?

The Kennedys were most definitely Ray-Ban fans, with JFK himself sporting the original Wayfarer and Jackie was rarely seen without a pair of Jackie OHH sunglasses. The current President is also partial to a pair of Ray-Bans but recently broke out a pair of rather stylish Oliver Peoples OPLL SUN. Mrs Obama, meanwhile, regularly looks great in Barton Perreira sunglasses (Dalzeil), but has been known to flirt with classic Ray-Bans – Jackie OHH naturally.

It must be said that looking back over past Presidents, there’s a big patriotic preference for Ray-Bans, the archetypal brand of American sunglasses. Ronald Reagan liked Aviators, George W Bush wears New Wayfarers, as does former First Lady Laura Bush. George, incidentally, is a joint Guinness record holder for most people wearing sunglasses at night, but that’s another story.



Back to the present day and it seems that neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump is destined to be known for their taste in sunglasses – more ‘pant suits’ and comb-overs respectively. Donald does have a slight edge over Hillary when it comes to eyewear because, believe it or not, he has his own line of optical frames. We’ll leave that with you…

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