Serge Blanco Eyewear

Considered the best rugby player France has ever seen, Serge Blanco has been an instantly recognisable name for a long time now. Having made his name as an incredible athlete, for the last 20 years Serge Blanco has moved away from the sporting world to focus on fashion, dressing some of the most stylish men from across the globe.


As a brand internationally renown for exuding masculinity, Serge Blanco has extended his portfolio to eyewear. Reflecting the same boldness and refinements on show within the fashion line, Serge Blanco glasses are a must-have this year.


Inspired by team spirit, authenticity and boldness, the Serge Blanco glasses collection is designed for those that love glasses that are not only functional and comfortable, they also look stylish.


From classic designed frames utilising contemporary colours to more modern designed glasses frames, the collection is for those that desire an athletic aesthetic from their eyewear. Additionally, the Serge Blanco eyewear collection also offers a larger frame size collection to ensure comfort for those who often struggle to find a correctly fitting frame.

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