Nifties Eyewear

With a genuinely unique ethos that stands out amongst other luxury eyewear brands, the best way to describe Nifties Eyewear is that they are bright, colourful and unique.

The Best Glasses for Small Faces

Over the years, we have noticed a gap in the eyewear world that has left some adults stuck for fashionable spectacles. Smaller faces tend to struggle to find luxury, stylish glasses that fit their face perfectly, and that is where Nifities Eyewear comes in. Nifties glasses are the ideal brand for anyone with ‘fine facial features’, as all their designs cater to individuals with petite features.

Luxury Petite Glasses

Much like their namesake, Nifties is something new, smart and stylish. Each frame is hand made with the finest materials, and feature bold colours with unique modern designs always finished with their signature striped temples. Nifties continue to push forward with their on-trend unique designs in new and exciting colourways to allow a variety of frames for petite faces like never before.

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