Hoffmann Horn Natural Glasses

Elegantly, Understated Luxury Horn Glasses

A sensual frame wearing experience, Hoffmann Horn Natural Eyewear contradicts the traditional concept of horn glasses. Although crafted individually, by hand, using traditional techniques, each frame represents a modern, unique take on eyewear.

Natural, Sustainable Eyewear

Using the natural horn of an Asian water buffalo, Hoffman carefully selects each piece to ensure it stands up to their incredibly high standards. Each piece of horn must be of the highest quality with a harmonious and idiosyncratic gradient.

The buffalo is honoured, and the horn only becomes available after the natural demise of the animal. And even the horn shavings, which are a by-product of the frame-making process, can be used as a natural fertiliser.

Genuine horn is a tried and tested material for eyewear and is one of the oldest frame materials in the world; making horn frames an exceptionally comfortable to wear and an excellent choice for people with skin allergies.

Luxury Horn Rimmed Glasses

Since 1978, Hoffmann Horn has mastered their craft. After years of experience working with this incredible natural product, they have perfected the combination of impeccable quality, artisan craftsmanship and a beautiful aesthetic. Each piece is handmade to order and can be adapted to any specific needs or requirements.

No two horn frames are the same, the individual material means no colour or combination are exactly alike, allowing you to wear a unique piece of beautiful, natural, luxury eyewear.

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